Professionalism worthy of the northern countries, mediterranean style and warmth. A close-knit team with the desire to improve and carve out an important place in the tourism of the Sopraceneri region. We are faithfully together since 2006, and every day we welcome and we follow our guests from start to finish creating special moments and unique events.

Welcome in the Hotel

In the heart of the tradition!
The castles of Bellinzona, the Rabadan carnival, culture, art, entertainment, tourism, and many other big events only a few steps from here!

Brief reference of history

Born probably before 590 AD, Bellinzona was fought over by various cities and farms, until the birth of the Canton of Bellinzona (1798) and the union of the Canton Ticino (1803).

Where we are

The Restaurant and Hotel Croce Federale is located in the center of Bellinzona, a few steps from the train station and the historic center of the capital of the Canton of Ticino away. Our central location allows you to reach easily the grocery stores, clothing boutiques or the three fantastic castles.